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Cannabis Bookkeeping is a complex system due primarily from the unjust tax burden of IRC 280e and inadequate banking solutions.   However, like any business paving their way to success, a solid accounting system is the foundation needed to determine profitability, gauge operational efficiencies and market trends.  Without reliable and consistent financial data, a business and their management team are left incapacitated. 
The bookkeeping systems and processes we implement have been developed to:

  • provide consistent, reliable and accurate financial data
  • educate and empower our clients around their finances 
  • determine the financial health of a business; cash flow, debt financing, profitability ratios compared to industry standards, etc.
  • ensure that your company's books are ready for your CPA to process your annual income tax returns

And like a well defined habit, our clients understand that in order to maintain the integrity of their finances, a solid bookkeeping system is one that is practiced monthly.
Organize around business functions, not people.  Let systems run the business and people run the systems ~  Michael Gerber